Welcome to my neck of the woods. I appreciate any comment on my work, good or bad, so long is it is about the artwork itself. Right. So, it's been two years. Update time! My name is Laura Billson and I'm a 23 year old digital-illustrator in training. I'm a graduate from Beal Art, and currently enrolled ina graphic design program. My likes have probably changed dramatically. I still like dragons, only not as obsessively. The same with Legend of Zelda, though it has been attracting my attention lately. Star Trek Kind of, but honestly, not much time for hobbies as our program is trying to kill us ^_^;;. I need to reread Tolkien, it's been a while, however; No time :p Anyways, I should be adding some new pieces as soon as I get them scanned. I have done a few lately. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your walk through elfwood. Jya na! Cousins: Linda Billson - Up and Coming artist Sarah Billson - Some neat stuff. Neat Artists: Candi Watson Aka XsynthetiX - Neat Pictures and a cool friend. Adele Sessler - Talented artist with good stories to match.