Hey! Thanks for stopping by to visit my gallery. It's been three years since I first joined this wonderful project known simply to all as Elfwood. You are welcome to ask about art trades, commissions(informal for the most part) and other copyright stuff. About Me: Age: 16 Height: 5 foot 4 and three quarters(and I don't plan on growing any taller) Likes: music art Biology Going to plays and musicals snow chocolate reading Wicked(book and musical) Marching band Eating chocolate in the snow while reading (ha ha) Rent Band My first gen iPod(yes, THE ipod, the original one, the first one that was ever made!) Dislikes: Extremely loud noises ferrets scary movies people who seem polite to you but actually hate you and wish you would go away but they're too nice to say that to your face your face(no, haha, I'm just kidding!) octopus (blech) I hate eating them, looking at them and looking at anything that looks like 'em! talking about depressing topics for any length of time Racism. Super sarcastic brats that don't say a single nice thing about you   There you go. A little bit about myself, just in case you wanted to know. ^___^  By the way, I'd appreciate if you would leave a comment on my main page and at least one picture. I love to hear your feedback! :)  Here are some exceptionally talented folks to visit: Katie Vasey:  TheProud and superbly talented owner of Yueh and theEditing Pencil of DOOM!!! Elizabeth D. Makley: A genius with copic marker usage and  the creator of awesome characters! Erin E. Johnston: The pencil Pirate! yaaaar...Likes elves and pirates. Lesha Nishinko: The creator of many amazing and funny characters, drawings, and tours. Esther Mech: Wonderful artist off to a great start. Tahnee Alexandra Torres: AMAZING ARTISTE! I have yet to add more to this list, so hold your horses! Anyways, Enjoy the gallery!     "Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence."                             -H.L. Mencken   UPDATES! 4/26/07 I will be gone for a loooooooong time due to scanner issues! :) The problem is, my scanner is crap and my dad's scanner(which is awesome) has unfortunately broken, meaning that I will be off of elfwood for a long time until it gets fixed. Or I could just go to kinkos and copy everything there....but that costs money. >:( So don't expect to see anything new in a while, but DO expect me to be checking my comments every day. I have no  new pictures scanned, 2  pics that have been sitting in photoshop for a while are uploaded.  As you know, I am extremely busy during the school year, so I may not get to your comments or upload new stuff as fast as in summertime. But, due to scanner problems, I will not be uploading at all until everything gets sorted out.