Blood Eagle

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Joshua Davids

Durden, the dwarven smith slowly hobbles his way towards a locked cases. His eyes glance about back and forth then look upon you and narrow, unsure if he should even be showing you such a weapon. as you jingle the fee you promised just to view the fabled dagger he lets out a soft sigh, sales have been though this month, and he reaches under the counter flickering a set of switches. Slowly the top splits apart and rising from a pure crystal cases, runes glowing all over its surface the dagger of the nine hells arises. “This here be a fearsome weapon, unlike any made before or since, such a fowl creations even these wards bare contain its evil taint. They say that is was made in the deepest pit of the hells, its smith unknown or maybe he was just hidden to protect him from being punished for creating such a blade. It was rumored to be created as this. Five arch angels were chained to the hot rock and ash floor of a circle, the design unknown, the chains burrowing through way through flesh and bone. Each of the angelic beings wings were shattered, stripped bare of the feathers and this skin flogged from their chest and back. Their blood slowly polled upon the floor and flowed up onto the anvils surface. The smith on occasion as he heated up the metal for the blade would sprinkle the magical feathers upon the searing hot coals slowly binding the souls of the tortured and tormented angels into the blade. Then before the last fall of the hammer he pushed into the blade the most foul of taint, hopelessness and despair twisting the souls of the angels into a perverted seething shadow that to this day seeks out the lives of each angel of the high heavens. Now give me your gold and get, tis done with the viewing I need to put away this thing before something happens.”

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Category Fantasy

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