This is what I have decided to do since recent events. After my latest ticket was rejected because the mod feels that weapons are not fantasy enough, they have to shoot lasers or be covered in flames of shining lights….so I have decided to stop updating to Elfwood, mostly for the fact that said moderator told me point blank nothing I will submit again will  ever get published.       So I opened up a deviant art gallery to upload my drawings there. the link is as follows       If you want to stop on by and look at the new stuff as well as my new style fine by me I will welcome you there.       Onto other things, right now I just got hired by a German RPG company to do up twenty drawings for them and I will be getting pain pretty nicely in fact. so right now, until all of those drawings are done I will be taking a break again from requests, but I will let you know when I am finished so that way if you want something drawn I will be more then happy to do that.       Hopefully soon I will also finally track down a D&D game here in town and start RPing again, god I miss it. And I can already here the other gamers, hey man can you draw this for me, what about this? Please….