Brandy Dixon

If you've been here before, you know that I like to draw medievil fantasy, anime and what-not... and that still continues. I've been introduced to a bit more anime and manga since my last postings, so my work will probably have a bit more anime influence. I still hope to work in the artistic world in some capacity, whether it be teaching, illustrating, or working with advertising, etc. Drop me a line on how you like my work, and don't be afraid to criticize or to give suggestions. I'll thank you for it later! ::Wink.:: Oh, and don't forget to check out my homepage 'Let non overpower the will of a true heart.' It's the home for Jadzia and her clan. If you want to look around and maybe read a few stories about them, please go to: . Also, check out my best friend Cat's Lothlorian page in Gallery 1059 to see some of her work. She is the proud player of several characters- Raistlina Majere, Loleth di Olath, and even Lethinos Willowseeker from time to time. Ciao.