Sorairo Myoujou

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Barbara Hageman

OMG a picture with an actual background story to it.... Ok this is Sorairo Myoujou his name is japanese for Sky-blue Morningstar his nickname is Chiisai which means tiny because he's only 4'5. Hes an eckto which are a race of deity like creaures that dwell on the Heavenly Plane. He is a friend of the outcast Elodani (Fallen Goddess) Androemeda Quicksilver who was cast out when she failed to complete a mission. She was stripped of her status markings(The tatoo like things on their face *Has been watching to much Ah! Megami-sama O_o'*) and ability to speak in the mortal tounges. Eckto's true voices are beautiful yet dangerous if you hear their true voice when you dont know how to handle it you would die within 5 seconds. Ses a challenge to rp because she can only communicate by broadcasting her feelings on a telepathic level. Well enough about her... Chi here is gonna show up soon in a quest Im in he believes Rommie should come home with him that she shouldnt be stuck with the stupid mortals. Rommie doesnt want to leave since shes fallen in love with a mortal named Arkaline. I cant wait to see how that turns out. His name comes form the fact that Eckto must pass the test of spending 5 yrs on the planet of their choice only then may they choose their true name. Chi spent his time in Japan on Earth and sinc ehes power was connected to the stars what his name would be was obvious to him. He get picked on alot because of his size but dont let that fool you hes dangerous. Well as for his hands and legs he has unnatrually long fingers and nails like claws and his legs are sorta drgaon like without the scales. A bit of history about the pic. Chi had been floating around in my mind for quite sometime but I had never tried to draw him... well guess what happens when I try to draw Rommie... I get him.... The pic was done in Roseart colored pencil and normal pencil. The symbols are his name done in Kana I just love him he's sooooo cute *Huggles her Chiisai*

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