Brandy Bignell

I'm 17 and a senior in Highschool. I really love art. I've been drawing since I was 3 and my older sister was my inspiration. I became a fan of anime soon when I reached the age of 5 and it basically inspired me to draw more. I'm a big geek when it comes to anime. I grew up on Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Astro-boy. Although I watched Astro-boy when I was about 3 so I don't eally remember it much. My favorite anime/manga is Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, and FMA/FMA Brotherhood.I also am into Yaoi which is (malexmale) anime/manga. I believe that you love who you love and gender shouldn't have anything to do with loving someone. It shouldn't be looked at as "disgusting". Apart from Artwork I'm a very athletic person. I've been doing cross country running as a hobby since I was young. I used to compete until homework loads increased. As another hobby I did equestrian riding for about 6 1/2/ 7 years. Again, I had to quit due to school. I really am a healthnut and I believe that you should take care of your body and exercise. I'm really into music. I've played piano since I was a baby. My eldest sister was in lessons when I was young and she taught me the easy beginner stuff until it got to the point where she couldn't teach me due to school. I took it from there and I played piano for about 7 years teaching myself and training my ear. I've been enrolled into formal lessons for almost a year now. I'm training my sight & theory which is at Level 6 Royal Conservatory (RC) but I trained my ear to be at level 10 RC. I've composed many of my own pieces and I hope to make music a part of my career someday. Art & Music are my passions and I hope that they'll carry me through my life.  I like Music, Animals, Art, Anime, Running, yaoi Favourite movies Friends, South Park, MADTV, Ace of Cakes, Slumdog Millionaire, Harry Potter trilogies, Lord of the Ring trilogies, Trueblood, Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden, FMA/FMA Brotherhood, InuYasha Favourite books Elsewhere, Poison, Tithe Favourite music Anything except rap.