Noah Chastain

The Adventures Of Siobhan Chapter Three

Third Chapter, been putting this off for quite some time now, not to mentionmy keyboard suddnenly refusing to accept keystrokes, with a smug "Hmmph". So here it is, what youve been waiting for!! The next exciting chapter in the adventures of a young woman's quest for retribution.Honestly, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading  it as much as I enjoy writing it!    ^_^

The Adventure of Siobhan: Chapter Two

Chapter two! Hoping its more user friendly this time.. T_T Anyway, got part three set up and good to go tomorrow, so enjoy, and let me kno what you think! 

"The Adventures of Siobhan" Chapter One

WEll what can I say.. working on my novel, "Adventures of Siobhan" Book one, and thought Id see if people will like it. Honestly, Open Office is so much smoother, but elfwood wont let me use that format, -_- so .txt it must be..Here you go, enjoy!