Heidi Black

I've had some problems with people grabbing my art and not giving me credit (but thanks to those of you who find and report this sort of thing) - PLEASE dont, unless you really REALLY want me to put a glaringly huge watermark on my art. I want to show you unspoiled goodness. So if you were thinkin bout it - don't. And if you find it somewhere else, report it! Thanks!  If you do want to use my picture on your site for some reason, just be sure to link it back to either my elfwood or deviantart site (taintedsilence.deviantart.com).  I don't care if you save them to your computer and print them out to decorate your walls or whatnot, though. Anyway, check out my comission and print info - here on DA.  Paying for college when I can't hold a steady job is kinda hard . . . (actually its not that I can't hold a job, its that I can't GET a job.)  Plus I'd like to buy a legal version of Painter IX.5 (currently have 37 days left on my trial . . )