Devil Should Fear

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Lindsey Lamb]Liberto

I finally picked out a name for this guy: Ragamuffin. It's cute, but quirky, like him. I know this is a headshot so you can't see everything, but I uploaded a full body shot a few months ago if anyone is curious. My only complaints for this is that adjusting the levels to clean it up gets a nice white but eats away at the lineart. And, this is all just base coloring, as usual. Finally, his nose is supposed to be a button if you can't tell. I didn't even put the stitches through the holes (like my sister said, that's what they're there for). But, I like him. Maybe I can modify his design with spots or patches or something. ---------------------------------------- -------- Age: 2,000 years Height: 7 feet Length: 8 feet Species: LuridSentry Defenses/Powers: Sharp teeth and claws, whip-like tails, can produce a toxic gas. Enemies: Boogiemen, monsters in the closet, ghosts in the hallway, other nighttime terrors. LuridSentries resemble something like a stuffed toy, in an eerie sort of way. Despite their oddity, they are quite benevolent creatures. Many years ago, a tribe of LuridSentries came across the path of a young boy being harassed by a creature under his bed. The tribe quickly overwhelmed the monster and chased it away, so the child could sleep peacefully. Since then, it has been a point of honor for LuridSentries to find a charge and protect them every night from those that would haunt them. They can emit a gas from their mouths, similar to tear gas, that can surround and disorient, knock out, or even kill an enemy, depending on how strong it is. If a youngster is particularly unsettled or has a nightmare, they will whisper in their native tongues, which is quite comforting, to calm their child. They are fast, stealthy, and their small wings can expand in combat or flight for usefulness. LuridSentries can also take on the appearance of a real toy and watch the child from a shelf or the floor, instead of under the bed. I can't say where they live right now as I've yet to create a world for my characters to live in, but they are quite able to travel from world to world, flying quickly through the spaces between the entrances to different lands. Ragamuffin is no different from his people. He's a great warrior, but as LuridSentries live for thousands of years, he still has a lot to learn and a lot to experience. He guards a 7 year old girl named Tara, and is so fond of her he sometimes leaves little gifts from his homeworld on her pillow like small gems and exotically colored plants. Tara keeps them stored under her mattress, and whenever she talks about her invisible beneficiary to her parents, they brush it off as an imaginary friend. Lucky for Tara, Ragamuffin isn't as imaginary as her parents think ^_^.

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