Blackphoenix Anthro

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Becky Camfield

'The blackphoenix tried the spell to release herself swapping herself with Chaosia as the dragoness slept, but when the phoenix looked round she did not cry out with joy, for instead of being free she was confused, this form was more human than she wished and suddenly she had these emotions to understand'random little scene but the phoenix has found another way to escape it's prison in chae's mind just again it can't reck the destruction it wants or feed from the stars, the spell might need some tweaking but this form could be usefull in the future but for now she returns to the back of chae's mind but instead of sleeping she learns more.In this form she can still give off enough heat to burn you seriously just not as powerful as true form as this is a mix of human in it. Plus usually in this form the feathers appear as actually black feathers that glimmer with hints of blues purples and greens much like that of magpies and crows ^^ just here all the feathers have gone into flames when it usualy just the odd one or two that flickers into flame.odd little drawing as i wanted to do redo my blackphoenix anthro. Also her general form would be how i see sirens from greek myth of half bird half women that lured men with their singing (they where not half fish half women thats mermaids!). I like the idea and might in the future do some sirens of certain bird species heh but i just giving myself too many ideas and not drawing em >.coloured with pencils scanned in and smoothed/smudge it.(c) to me

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