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new character woo anyways Naurina is a Kerieen.The average kerieen looks simalar to naurina but minus the wings , and their fur can vary from quite pale to dark. They are a hunter based species and the evolved form a more animal form , some of them are actually able to shift to this animal form. Although in some of their larger settlements it is frowned upon. There is also another variation form, detectable at birth as the kit is born with wings , and is therefore marked as an elder. Every elder has the ability to heal plus a unique talent such as say fire or air, this talent can vary in strength too, so from being able to conjure a 5 minute breeze to calling up a hurricane for air for example. The eldars with simalr powers group togther and tech each other in sects, there is 8 sects: fire, earth, air, water, nature, lightning, time ( can kinda see the past, present and sumtimes glimpses of possible futures), light and shadow (usually the most secretative of the sects). Anyways there are several settlements some could be classed as 'cities' and there is no one ruler, instead a council exsists with the leader of each sect plus the current 'major' of the 8 largest settlements. Normal kerieens are brought up learning writing, language, how to hunter and how to fight as warriors. This is so they can fend for selves and protect others.There is also the outsiders, ones who can take beast form and dislike the treatment they sometimes get, they have become almost werebeast as they been in form too long, they tend to stay in the dense forest though.Ohkay back to NaurinaShe is about 5ft 8 in height and born to two eldars-mother was a high up fire eldar, her dad a highish shadow eldar. She however when born was born with mottled wings (usualy wings are a plain colour ) and parents a little nervous over this fact and found out why eventually, she can take the beast form too , no eldar has ever been able to take beast form. Anyways seeing as she could her wings they brought her up to do so, so when at her schooling she was taught to hunt and fight (most eldars are only taught the basics , different schooling) anyways one day after she was classed as an adult and on an odd occasion of stretching her wings she was spotted and her secret was out, and brought to the council, who frankly didn't know what to do anyways as she seems to not have a unique talent and therefore agreed it was fine that she could hunt and fight instead. But it didn't end there. Beast kerieens can spot other beast kerieens even when in anthro form and she was confront by this and soon too that was known in her home settlement where she taunted for it as if something was wrong with her for not being a proper eldar. Anyways she fled after 'the outsiders' appeared one night looking for her, she still running heh. (kinda ran out of imagentive ideas on her history currently will get back to it) anyways she does have a talent just needs training-she can take energy and change it to what she wants she usually uses it for fire and slipping through shadows (two powers from her parents so come naturally to her) also underknowst to her she alters the wind/air to make her arrows travel straighter and further. She is still getting to grips with this power.Naurina and Kerieens (c) to ME!

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