Hello, long lost Elfwood wanderers and friends. :)  This is my little glen in the woods, where you can peep into my dreams and fantasies of dashing young elves and gentle faerie maidens.  I am a dreamer, an idealist, and romantic, as I'm sure you can see seeping through every inch of my work.  My style melds realism and cartoon styles (some influence of anime) into my own unique blend and vision.  Keep in mind that some of these are around five years old now (yikes!) and i think my style is refining and evolving.  This year I will be working on breaking out of my typical approach/comfort zone and stretch my style in new mediums and directions.  Should be fun!!I have added a NEW work to my gallery, "Wedding Day Dreams" a huge wedding gift for my best friend and her husband.  That has kept me busy the last year or so, along with my toddler!  Oh my goodness.Here are some of my elfwood friends:  Rachel Beaconsfield's gallery!  (beautiful fantasy & fan art). Elizabeth Fitzgerald's page has wonderful stories, the adventures of the Forgotten Realms gang are there. :) I like Elves, fairies, design, web design, anime, horses, fantasy, animals, family Favourite movies Ever After, Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars Favourite books Gom of Windy Mountain series, any Star Wars book by Timothy Zahn, Dealing with Dragons series Favourite music Coldplay, Enya