Okay! Another bio update, so sue me :P *pauses to see if someone sues, then goes on* and a year has passed, wow o.o I am now 20 years old! and still manage to look as if I were 15/16, which gets my into the subways in London for free :D but also makes me have to show my I.D when I go buy my mum's tabaco *Sweatdrops* Anyhow! Am studying to be a biologist now >> why? Well, was studying to be a vet :P but there was too much blood and cutting and ripping open. I'll stick to research, thank you. And god, I loooove animals. *Cheers* Whom didn't see that coming? *Coughs* Got 2 turtles (Well, had, one died, and the other now lives in a zoo ^^; ... so it can breed.) And they like to blink and watch me when I'm on my comp (Well, uuuuused to :P) Gah, Anyway, I've got a horse too ^^; His name is Prince. Yeah, stupid name, I know... And finally! I've got a dog named Kiru *Sweatdrop* He's named after my friend's character Kiru-kun n.n; gotta love him. What else.... humm... >> I've now got an account on all areas of elfwood *Is proud* And... *Looks around* That's all I can think off, sadly enough XD;; Except maybe... introduce my characters? *pokes them* Kiru: 'No good trying to appear like you're in control of your life, you need SOMEONE every once and a while *Glares* I can't believe I just said that to you *Pause* Hate you, by the way...' DFA: That was Kiru-kun :D .... demon that sure as hell needs a life *pushes him away* Evil charry Shinzu: '... Why am I here again? I thought I had a world to dominate -_- *pauses as someone talks to him* Are you talking to me? >.> *wonders why such a lowlife is talking to him, then walks off*' DFA: That was Shinzu-sama ^^;; .... he needs prozac. He's an evil holy dragon :P Kimau: 'Ah, shit!! Get that THING away from me! Damnit! *Jumps clear out of range as he sees a kitten, then runs off*' DFA: ... that was Kimau, wolf demon with an attitude that's scared of cats >.>; Kaila (Nekai): 'So many fish to catch, and such lil time to do it all in *Sigh* ... think I'd get a free fishing rod if I purr for you? *bats lashes, then pauses* Whaaaaat?! I HAD to give it a try *Sneer*' DFA: Woo! Kai-chan, angel with kitty ears :P Violet: .... *Sweatdrops shyly and walks out of room having said nothing* DFA: ... demon princess that should have been a priestess I think >.> Suki: 'I AM a damsel, I AM in trouble.... from which I'll get out of on my own, now have a good day and leave me alone *leer*' DFA: Kitsune trickster mage/thief by excellence... or soemthing like that Gabriel: 'I... will be in chamber, plotting world domination!! *Pause* After eatting, that is... *Trots off to find food* I will be back after I either: 1- I get people to worship me, or 2- I finish this pizza left overs' DFA: He's a demon, he's strange, and he's unique, 'nough said *Walks off now, looking strangely content*