Sculpture- Teziak

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Jami Craig

My character Teziak....made because since I really never do fanart (unless commissioned....or when I'll be forced to learn it as animeboston comes around) I can never get toys of my favorite characters. Not to mention I do not understand the appeal of some of the 'popular' characters... Anyway this is Teziak, one of the characters in my parasitic series. Teziak was a byproduct of some testing into bioweapons. The overall goal of the project was to make a human-in-appearance creature made of viral cells that walks into a crowd, infects everyone, kills everyone in the crowd and everyone they come in contact with within a week, then mutate, develop a vaccine within they're own bodies, have it extracted, and then make entire populations beg and plead for doing so it makes the country who originally purchased and used the creature very rich. Teziak got the human looks (keep reading before you say WTF), and the viral cells, and the ability to make them mutate at will, but not the ability to infect others, his cells don't sustain their life outside his body for long enough. However because of the ability to mutate his own cells he can change his form into this creature. It has taken years for him to 'perfect' this form into something that can stay alive without issue. The form is not in fact, perfected as that wrinkly white stuff on his head is actually the skin that covers his face when he is in a form that resembles a human. He for some reason is unable to reabsorb that skin when he changes. Teziak tends to stay in his animalistic form as his human one is rather pathetic. He looks much older than he is (he's about 25-27 years old) because of the constant stretching of his facial skin when he transforms. He's also a bit short, around 5 and a half feet tall so when he transforms he has to divide a couple million cells to get the bulk of his animal form, then when he changes back he sheds them (which is actually rather gross XD). He's about the same intelligence as a human but thinks in a different way, a more animalistic way on a couple of issues. He's a jerk and a pig and tends to act like an immature brat when he's angry or annoyed. He has a general dislike for humans and will avoid them despite the fact the high fatty content in some of them could be good for him nutritionally (all of the parasitic/viral experiments need a high fat content in their diet as they have very high metabolisms but don't get to eat as often as they'd like most of the time). Tezzy would prefer to simply eat more food that doesn't have the added challenge of avoiding bullets. Teziak is perfectly capable of love, though he's blind to gender, and doesn't seem to grasp the concept of monogamy. His current interests include a fellow experiment from a sister lab (all of which were destroyed and experiments set loose) named Je, as well as Je's close relative (made from cells extracted from him as a fetus) a female version of Je named Lazuli, and his own denmate, the younger 'brother' of Teziak's rival (Nobel) a cute little experiment called Dreztle.

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