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Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, look who's here!Well I've been here in fanquarter for a total of 2 years...I think...maybe 3. Oh well, seeing as I'm so lazy and neglect my elfwood gallery all together, you will be lucky to get replied to. Please don't take me the wrong way, I really appreciate all of the comments that I have recieved and can't answer because it is overwhelming. One day I will get caught up and update my poor abandoned elfwood galleries. In other news I'm now at DevArt which don't matter either because I barely go there anyway since the whole jark, spyed thing. My trust has been completely washed away with these two. Long story that happened in about June-July and still has yet to be resloved and feels like DevArt has been going around on tiptoes ever since. Until I can get my own gallery and complete some art to put up in it I am afraid all of you will just have to put up with the few and far between updates. You will all so notice that I have catagorized my galleries art peices by dates to show the improvement in my art since people seem to neglect the actual dates on my pictures. If you would really like to see some kind of an update from me, you know, just to see how much I've improved...please go to FrogMistress*~*Links:*~*Here are some other awesome artists that I worship and that you must go and see!Stephanie Pui-Mun LawJessica DouglasClaire SalvatoriMarjolein GulinskiNadia AmroKatie Erin Kyle*~*You're an Artist because you are...*~**Finding Beauty in everyday things and situations**Making connections between different things and ideas**Going beyond ordinary ways of thinking and doing things**Looking at things in different ways in order to generate new perspectives**Taking risks and exposing yourself to possible failure**Arranging things in new and interesting ways**Persisting where others may give up**Concentrating your effort and attention for long periods of time**Dreaming and fantasizing about things**Using old ideas to create new ideas and ways of seeing things**Doing something simply because it's interesting and personally challenging to do*Updated: February 2007Updates:Bright EyesDeleted:Nothing as of yet