Laura Foster

Erm...about me...eck. Okay. Someone has suggested I write down the 'usual stuff' (ie a/s/l...sounds like a dating agency, but I'll comply...). I'm 23, female, currently in Cardiff, where the weather is drifting aimlessly between frost and lots and lots of rain. I'm a microbiology graduate currently lauching myself headfirst into the heady hights of PhDship... I play guitar (badly), am a devoted Sluggite (that's people who read the online comic Sluggy Freelance, not some sort of wierd cult.), and like fluffy things. I'll draw anything, and tend to have at least one PSP project on the go at any one time. I'd love to try an art trade with someone (though I have very few characters that have more'n one pic here), so if you feel you could put up with that feel free to email me! Few interesting things: *My favourite pokemon is Charizard *I used to be semi-goth *My boyfriend doesn't like furries so I drew him with cat ears ^^ *The best band in the world is currently Whiskeytown *I knit! *I collect Zelda memorabilia I love this Elfwood Loth/Zone merge - perfect excuse to put up some of my pictures that were decidedly boarderline and may not have been suitable for either catagory before. So lots of new (mostly anthro) pictures up now! Yay!