I haven't updated my art gallery for some time! I'm ashamed! I've much improved, seriously, and I'm FINALLY learning how to paint (actually, today, Nov. 27, 2004, as I write, was my first day painting. Go Jasmine!), but unfortunately, a lot of the art I improved with is either on lined paper, not fantasy, from a photo, or most common: UNFINISHED. Soooo many things I will never finish. Anyhoo, once I learn how to paint, I imagine I'll be posting more. And I'm improving with Photoshop. Plus I have a long winter break ahead, which means a break from school work. Um. Bio. Right. Iamanalienfromanotherdimensionheretokillyouall. There, that about takes care of it. I'm 15 years old, and um... things I like range from everything to everything else, mostly. Current obsession still remains Discworld, though I'm beginning to enjoy Shakespeare a lot. And I plan to read the Silmarillion in the near future. Um... I like comics too. And chocolate. Enough madness. Who visits my gallery anyhow? What's the point of writing a bio? To amuse myself, I suppose. Well, just wait until I learn how to paint, ha! I will start posting purdy, FINISHED (yes--completed!) pictures! That took more than five minutes! Yeah!!!