Lena Scheers

My name is Lena. I'm 20 years old (or young) and I come from Belgium. I started drawing when I was 14 years old. My artistic talent comes from the family. My grandmother was a talented painter especially in landscapes. I self do not paint (just a few times on walles), more specified, my intresse is fantasy and everything that has something to do about it. Off course i do draw other things like animals, humans and a lot more. I don't really have an inspiration accept all the stuff i see every day. The things around me inspires me and off course all theĀ art I see on elfwood. I just have one goal: to start eveningclasses (I never took a class, everything on this page is been done without help and I learned everything just from books or myself) and become one off the best in my region. Silly dream ' I know' but one has to dream something. I like Fantasy .... Anime/manga ... Favourite movies Vandread - Claymore - Shuffle - Candidat for a Godess - etc.... Favourite books Shaman King - Chobits - love Hina ... Favourite music Rock : linkin park, within temptation, epycenter R&B : justin timberlake , timbaland , Rihanna everything popular at the moment ;)