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Transient Notte Armour: Armour Type-Blitz-melee and magic Weight- Medium (35 lbs/15.8 kg) Material- Revilian and veronium The armor of Ematus Sercia is a testament to the fortune they took to make and how far the Huema have come in blacksmithing the most valuable of mineral ore. Revillian is one of the most durable in known existence. Supplying two thousand with moderate Revillian armor was daunting and would explain one reasonwhy the elite Transients make up less than a handful. Transient armor is primarily composed of this black material that has become a symbol of Ematus Sercia. Rema is not dependent on her armor as the other Transients due to her heightened abilities from Miriam's blood, plus Claymore glyph. This does not make her impervious however, and thus more a precautionary to her than necessity. Giving her own input into its creation, her armor sacrificed some durability when adding veronium that gives it the singular violet tone, but adding the boon of amplified artes. Though semi-average in weight for full-armor, Rema's preternatural strength allows her to function as if it were lightweight. *After the event of confronting the other Transients at Ematus Sercia's HQ, both Rema well knows her days as a knight are over. Sentimental and resourceful, she salvages what parts of her armor that will be necessary on her journey across Catheel.

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