Eva 'Mira' Bolinder

I have experienced moments when inspiration to draw simply have dropped down on me from an open sky. We all have inner images/feelings we want to express, drawing is one way... I live in the very northern parts of Sweden, and I'm 21 years old. I adore zebras.. and I hope to polish of some sketches so that I'll update as soon my wee baby girl allows it :) 2006-01-02 Moved ElfQuest-inspired images to the Fanquarter area! ~ 2003-04-11 Moved some images: Tinuviel, The Keyguardian and Telepelwen - Maiden of the Silver Star to my FanArt gallery.. 2003-04-22 ..but seems they all got deleted since they did not fit there, for different reasons. I did look at various images when drawing The Keyguardian piccy. But I figured since Tinuviel is based on the LOTR books, it was FanArt.. ah well, will see if I put her at least back up again.. 2015-01-02: Time flies, maybe I'll upload some new content here soon! Wishing all a productive New Year!