Nine Months Later

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Brian Dillon

She awoke this morning startled to a beast standing over me. Seems he stumbled upon her sleeping in her dwelling in the night. Mystical being, sinewy but majestic. Eyes gazing at her, she could feel him looking into her soul. Theres no doubt she's scared, dragons are not something to be played with not even in stories. SHe watched him looking her over carefully nearly afraid to breathe or move. Unsure of what he was thinking however if he was going to strike he would have done so now. Closing her eyes wishing the breeze would stop blowing her hair for fear it may agitate him more. Then voices come to her almost as if the wind had spoken them. Telling me her that he is the one she have been searching for. Searching for eternity, clouded and confused by the surrounding myst. No longer scared she slowly walked towards him. The massive dragons scales gleamed as brightly as an armor of jewels. His eyes then seemed to have this adoring look inside them. As if he saw her in a different way a more intimate way, she takes her trembling hand and reaches up towards him to touch his cheek, he closed his eyes her hands brushed softly against him and cherished the moment. He then took his talon covered hands to press it againt hers and hold it upon his cheek. A weird feeling filled inside her washed over. Something she dare not confess to. Something forbidden that should not have happened. No I will keep this feeling to myself and tell no one she thought. He took his finger and touched her forehead, searing pain began inside her mind and body. Her body wretched back and forth while her mind was cluttered with images she couldn't control. What was happening to her? Black!!! The world went black for so long, until she opened her tired eyes. She looked up to see she was snuggled inside his arms sleeping contently, then she touched her forehead. What should have been a scar completely healed into flawless skin. As she climbed up to walk to the stream and drink she had noticed her feet barely touched the ground. Kneeling by the blue stream of Alfenstur she leaned over and purged her lips into the sweet rushing water. Looking at her that? 'I have...................WINGS????????'....she proclaimed aloud. This was written by my friend Brattalis who had asked me to capture it all in one scene. Unfortunatly I couldn't quite get it so I decided to go with the aftermath....

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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