Jordan Galeles

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An intro for a final project in my Creative Writing class... Decent work.

Pretty Pink Fairies

I happen to see pretty pink fairies all the time, thank you very much! ;)

Paper Walls

What would happen if we had the chance to change the past? Alter the future? Would you take something back? Just remember... your choices affect far more than you can imagine.

Heroes These Days

Here we find this well-known hero going about his twelfth and final labor - bringing Cerberus from the underworld, only with a twist... Aside from a slight plot and name change, there's a slight generational gap in communication that lends itself to the comical nature of the story.

A Betrayal and a Rescue

Another 'make a choice' story... Based off of internal conflict. Imagine you are a chess piece... What if you could change sides?

A Horror Story

We've all had moments where we just can't find anything good with ourselves... Well, think twice next time you have those thoughts.

Forgive Me

We all have to make choices. This kind of choice perhaps better represented in Magical Orbs.


A short story I made up about an animal from a long time ago that learns a lesson of humility and contentment.