Tyler Wells

Yo. Thanks for visiting my bio page, it's appreciated. I apologize that there is not much in my gallery at the moment, but what is there are the character sketches for a personal project I'm currently working on called 'Sound of Silver'. The sketches and drawings will be going up here, and I hope to be posting the story itself within the Wyvern library soon if my ticket goes through. I hope to combine these two things into a comic type format, which I will personally publish both to see what it's like to hold a book of my finished, printed and bound work in my hands, and for fun. Since I want to be going to an art school after I graduate next year, I'm trying to get in all the practice that I can, and doing little projects like these usually give me drive. There will be more pics in my gallery in the near future, so don't worry. Until then please enjoy what I do have, or visit my other online gallery if you would like to see my non-fantasy art. - Much love, Tyler