John Botofte

I am (at the present moment, june 2000) 10 troll years old (corresponds to 35 human years). I grew up in Denmark but now live and work abroad (which might explain the expatriote theme in some of my pictures...). Scandinavian folklore has always been a great source of inspiration for me as an (amateur) artist and when I got an Internet account three years ago I decided to dedicate my 10 MB's of Internet space (WWW.TROLLMOON.COM) to the trolls of Scandinavia, a part of the fantasy realm that has appealed to me ever since I first, in my early childhood, encountered the works of Scandinavian artists like John Bauer, Rolf Lidberg, Theodor Kittelsen, E. Werenskiold, Louis Moe, Tove Jansson et. al. My trolls adhere to this tradition as well as to Scandinavian folklore and should not be confused with the unsympathetic 'trolls' of modern Western pop culture! What appeals to me is the Scandinavian troll as the old peasant society's poetic representation of an unfathomable otherness, like nature itself, which can be dangerous if not treated with respect, but just as well can be one's friend.