Hey! I still live in Québec and STILL don't own a car. At least, I can sleep on the bus and it's more energy effecient. I guess I've gotten better at this animation thing though. Looking at my older drawings, I have to admit it. Also, you should really pay a visit to my friends who, as it so happens, have a little corner in these woods too. Félix Lavallée who has and incredible talent for facial expressions and humor. You'll love each and everyone of his characters. REALLY! :)Geneviève Sophie Routhier, A.K.A. Genny, can wield Tria markers faster then the eye can see! She also has a greatZone 47 gallery. Others of my buddies include Faith Erin who'se style is it's own and she's got a cool web-comic. Karine Charlebois works in animation and draws like a goddess. Cindy Kinnard is the Costume Queen and draws really cute puppies! Well, enjoy my gallery. And don't be scared to leave comments! I love getting them!