Some of you have come here for a long time.  You have seen my art evolve.  First from black and white, and then into colour as I explored digital media.  You only know me through my art.  You only see what I show you of myself.  I've had a rough last two years.   I lost a real part of myself.  I was pretty much torn apart, and I had to reassemble myself.  It was a very rough time.  Through it all I had my art though.  The power of art is incredible.  It was truly my lifesaver, and let me cling to a small bit of sanity.  I need you to listen real close now.  I know a lot of us hurt.  I know sometimes you can't take the pain.  You want to give up.  Don't.  Just don't.  Use your art.  Whatever your art may be, it can help you.  You don't need to know how to draw.  Paint me a picture with your beautiful words.  Use your voice and sing me a song.  There is something in you that can help.  Find it.If you find my art interesting at all, you may enjoy's a website devoted to a story that inspired a lot of the art here, and a project I've been working in collaboration with a lot of other people for a very long time.