Ryan Bourret

I am Ryan Bourret, or also known as Samurai Slider. I'm from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and have thankfully gotten better than the stick figures from whence I came. I draw and paint to channel my emotions and ideas that would normally never leave my stuttering mouth. Drawing calms me. Being 22 years old, and entering my manhood, I have alot of stresses, and thankfully I have my crutch, my art. I'm inspired by fantasy books, and videogames mainly. Anything with dragons, and am a huge fan of movies like Lord of the Rings. Also Star Wars is a big influence on me, among other movies. I plan to go into Film Production and get into movies eventually. Maybe making concept designs. Overall, I'm very proud to be Canadian, and love the fantasy stuff. If anyone is looking for me to do commisoned work for them, feel free to email me at samuraislider@msn.com