Well, bio eh? Ok... I'm 18, livin' in Canada *cheer* I have been in an art class for a while now, but I only recently started to draw people and anime, hense why I'm not great at it yet ^_^(practice makes perfect right?)I have alot of pets, and they are mostly not the norm either (I pride myself on being different) I personally own 2 degus, and a llama. My entire family owns a cat, a rabbit, a gerbil, a polar bear, and some fish. And I kid you not, we have each of each animals as pets, though not all of them live at our house ^_^ I quite enjoy playing badminton (it's a gentleman's sport, one of the only sports around where you don't need a judge =D )Anyways, I'm into Kenshin, DragonBall Z, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and most anime in general. While you're checking out my humble site, don't forget to drop some comments, or check my fan art ^_^ enjoy! (And check out Melanie Gallant's site, she's an excellent drawer =D) Enjoy!