Nathalie Boverat

Hi My name is Nathalie Boverat, my friends usually call me Nathy. My course:My first drawing were unicorns and pegasus, because I am fascinating for fantasy( I love movies like The Neverending Story,Willow,the Lord of the Rings...). Aterwards I began to draw pets like the little dog of my father, Teddy!!!!!!!. I first draw dragons for a contest.And I began to draw really characters in a comic strip workshop in the college in 1998. To note at the beginning I especially draw on the paper tablecloth of restaurants @;-),I profited my father has always a pen with him.( It's because I haven't keep a lot of my first drawing). Then in the college I began to draw more often, in my diary while the teacher have the turned back. First in grey pencil and then with colours pencils.(But the problems is that it is on lined paper). In 2004 2 of my dreams come true, I was helped to do my own art gallery on the net and with friends I do a magasine ' Fantasy'. If you want too see my others drawings you can go on my site web: