Brittany Frommer

 I am a total book worm. As my father likes to say books are my "drug of choice."I am 23 and have been psuedo writting since I was 10. That first story was about a kitten who wanted a home. It was the start of my half-start story epidemic...At night I plunge into a story created during the day but not yet tested. I explore other avenues; wander down streets unseen on paper.During the day my thoughts are riddled with poetic verse, some written, most forgotten.I look for the story book quality in everyday activities, often narrating my excursions to the supermarket as I go down the aisles.I see an unknown face and I give it a story.Sitting and talking I enjoy the conversations yet I still wonder on a different level “how can I place this in a story?”I can function in a class and at work, focus and interact, but give me a moment alone and I’ve left this reality. Favourite books Arthur C Clark, Anne McCaffery

The Ungrateful Rescueé

 Not yet sure if this is a completed story yet.  I originally thought I'd just stop where I did but now I feel inclined to continue... It's a story of  Prince rescued by a barbarian Princess...