Bonnie Gardiner

I have been writing and drawing since I was a small child and ended up working as a freelance commercial artist all through high school, technical school and while working. I gave it up when I became an at-home-mom to raise my smallest child who is severely autistic. Now that my son's in school I'm working in my spare time on a comedy sci-fi comic book series called 'Attention Shoppers' and learning 3d rendering and computer art. I am also working (when I can) on a horror novel and a second horror sci-fi comic series. I was inspired to write by Douglas Adams, who will always be my number one hero. My favorite artist is Rene' Magritte though only my computer art sometimes reflects that. My husband is a comic artist and is the person who insisted that my novel in progress 'Attention Shoppers' would work best as a comic series. I love all things sci-fi and horror with a little mystery and true science slipped into the mix.