I am a graduate of Rockford College (majoring in sculpture)who still lives in that area. I work at Motorola as a '9 to 5' job and also do private commision sculptures for people (mostly furry.) Currently I am attempting to find a proffessional company to sculpt for- either in the toy, resin statue area or the resin model kit field. An advid roleplaying gamer, I still play on Fridays with the guys. This influences my work, as does movies, anime, books and comics (Usagi rules!) I also collect action figures- I buy on basis of sculpting job rather than the character depicted. I know it must seem that I am immature with my interests and focus in sculpture; however, I found that I didnt fit in with the 'artsy' gallery crowd and was burned out by all of the heavy conceptual thinking behind modern art. When I realized that I was no longer enjoying myself as an artist I stopped and looked within me for I did enjoy about sculpture- which leads to what I do today, sculpture that is fun and stirs my imagination. I hope you enjoy!