Brandi Morris

Favorite Movies (Since most of my fan-art is from movies)( Only the first is in corect order.) 1.)VAN HELSING fav. character- DRACULA! 2.)Hellboy fav. character- Abe or Sammael 3.)Underworld fav. character- can't choose ( too many great vamps and lycans.) 4.)Interview with a Vampire fav. character- Louis and Lestat dare you ask! 5.)American Werewolf in Paris/London fav. character- the werewolves of course. 6.)Osmosis Jones fav. character- Thrax 7.)DragonHeart fav. character- DRACO!! 8.)Alien Verses Predator fav. character- liked both but go Predator 9.)LXG(League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)fav character- Skinner/Hyde/Quartermain 10.)X2 fav. character- Nightcrawler/Wolverine but Nightcrawler is better to me. And those are only a few of my Favorite Moives, I love movies don't you? I'm a little obsessed no? :)