Brandon Lee

A FallenWith wings I saw her soar With music I heard her call With skin I felt her touch With night the stars shall fall Into the sea she plummet Onto the shore she washed Upon my arms we met Into my heart she crashed... I am who I am while you are who you are.We are who we are and so that is so.Worry not who I be, but wonder who I can be.Okies... Well enuff of that =] now down to some more down to earth stuff =D Been into the art scence since year 2000 so can say for 5 years. I write and make stuff so most of my are are story characters I came up with =] In these 5 years of art, i've managed to break 3 bounderies which I am kinda proud of. =]1) Crossing of Colourless art into Colour art2) Crossing of line art into Lineness3) Crossing from Cartoonish art into more realistic depths   In General, I'm a Fantasy Artist who specialise mainly in the female body form. While I do stray into other sectors of the art world, this only occurs onces a blue moon. The early pictures in this gallery are coloured using "Windows Paint" while all others are done with "Adobe Photoshop". I normally don't re-edit my pictures because most of the orignal files were lost in Harddisk failures. Moreover, I rather prefer to do things from scratch.=] I spend roughly 2 weeks a picture if you were wondering... Sad I know...I originally began as a poet/storywriter so if you are interested in tales, please visit my stories page too.Please do enjoy your visit and have a nice day. =] *Hands ya a lollipop* For the othe other regular customers, Thanks again on the check ups. =] good to feel wanted. Teeheehe... 3 cheers to ya mate! Oh yeah! one more thing... Check out Simon Chai Ximan, my buddy's page ... He's got a slot in elfwood too... Cheers to ya all!!! =D ***And yes, Simon if you read this message, you know you are slacking way too much!!***Updates for Year 2004 Ashshalie (18 Feb) DaG (24 Feb) ***Was rejected*** Dryadic Transitions (14 Mar) Updates for Year 2005Falling Snow (02 Jan) ***Was rejected*** Impishness (07 Jan) Haloishness (10 Jan) Sierra Eckos (11 Nov)  The Happy Bunch The People Linked here on are gerenally very nice people which you ought to visit and get to know. Megan Lewis | Sandra Wagner | Dani M. Rothe | Cheyenne Richardson | Jennifer Charbonneau | Dayna Green | Jenae Neveu | Molly Barist |