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This is a map of a fantasy continent from my imagination. I might use it in a story someday.The continent of Akhesa has a tropical climate throughout, with the northern third being desert, the southern third being rainforest, and a band of grassy savanna inbetween. Dinosaurs are the continent's dominant terrestrial megafauna, while pterosaurs and birds share the skies. Akhesa also has numerous primate species, such as monkeys, apes, and humans.Akhesa's native human populations all have dark brown skin and kinky black hair as adaptations to the sunny tropical climate, but genetically they are very heterogeneous. In addition to their great genetic diversity, Akhesans also have developed a variety of different cultures, ranging from bands of hunter-gatherers to chiefdoms to organized states. With regards to states, Akhesa has four especially significant ones (outlined in red):Keshta: The oldest of the states, Keshta is centered around a river going through the northwestern desert. Annual floods inundating the banks are essential to the civilization's agriculture. The Keshtans worship a large pantheon of gods, with the sun god reigning supreme. The Keshtan monarch, the Pharaoh, is also believed to be a god who can control the elements. Every time Pharaohs passes away, the Keshtans mummify their bodies and bury them in an extravagant tomb.Shinkuer: Originally a collection of nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes, the Shinkuerians have organized themselves into a nation drawing heavily on their northern neighbor Keshta for inspiration. Their culture and religion are now similar to that of the Keshtans, although the tombs they build for their monarchs are smaller.Djali: Located in eastern Akhesa, Djali is a prosperous empire famous for exporting gold, salt, and copper. The Djalinese emperor, or mansa, governs with the aid of an assembly formed of the leaders of clans from throughout the empire. Djalinese religion teaches that there is one supreme creator deity, Oluronke, who is accompanied by a pantheon of lesser orisha deities. The Djalinese believe that humans must aspire to become spiritually one with Oluronke.Ashazulu: The Ashazulu live in the rainforests of southern Akhesa. They are famous for their hunting and military prowess. The Ashazulu practice an animistic religion which teaches that both plants and animals have souls which must be respected. They are particularly reverent of the Tyrannosaurus rex and have been known to sacrifice young women to them.

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