Michael Bratic

I am 21 year old dork who still lives in the basment of his mothers home with my computer and PS2. kinda lame now that i think about it. By summer i will have my Associaes in Network Mangment from Berkeley College but will have lost the desire to fulfill it, becaue i've now decided i want to go into digital arts and animation. normal i guess, jumpin back and forth between things like this. i grew up in Ridgewood, Queens. i went to many skools but i was mostly in Hillcrest Highskool in Jamaica, Queens. the only later before that that really needed to be reconized are Ps81, Is93(Ridgewood Middle skool) and Grover Clevland High Skool are among my journey of knowledge. I moved to Jersey with my mother for my senior year. Good old ugly Sayreville War Memorial highSchool. I am ½ Ecudorian and ½ Yugoslavian. i found art as a means to get away frm the reality of the real world and make my own. i'm a fan of comics and find people like Todd McFarlene and Alex Ross as amzing artist and i find myself sayin, if i can only do that. Well, now i can do that if i don't give up cause if soemone has the will and puts forth the effort, they can accomplish almost anything... i feel a need to enter a quote... 'All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanist man into compete lunacy. Thats how far away i am from this world, just on bad day' ~the Joker