Céline Gicquel

I'm french, studying law at uni near Paris. I love fantasy since childhood and I'm glad to draw what I imagine in my little head ^^. I draw fantasy, but I write to, especially "Ces Mondes au-Delà de la Mort" (this worlds beyound death), alias CMDM. It's the story of a young man, Alexiel, who dies and wakes-up in a totally different world, Huderezh, with centaur, mermaids, angels and demons. He turns himself into an angel, discover that he is a prince, and meets 5 friends, including his future big love. I use a lot of weird words, in italics, that is Breton don't worry, it really exists lol. This story contains yaoi too (homosexual content), so if you don't like it, I'm sorry for you^^ Oh, if I make mystakes in the grammar, please, tell me! It's not easy to be on a site in an other langage... But, Elfwood is really a good site, and I'm happy to be here and to show you my work! Be honnest, and tell me what you think about!