Breanne Bloomquist

A new update!!! No new art today though. Since I last updated this profile I have graduated from michigan and now work as a graphic designer.  Please enjoy my gallery and leave many comments!!! That's all for now.  I do have a bunch of stuff in the works so hopefully i can update this archaic representation soon... wow some of this is old. I like sewing (quilting and historical costuming mostly), all kinds of illustration, model making, museum work, video games, etc. Favourite movies Star Trek (Original, TNG and Voyager), LOTR, anything Pixar or classic Disney, Shaolin Soccer, and this list is so long I'm just gonna give up here and say "etc" Favourite books LOTR, Chronicles of the Cheysuli, Deathnote, Harry Potter, Nausicaa, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Dragon Riders of Pern, each of those is the full series and there are many many more! Favourite music Everything. I'm not kidding, if you name it I either have listened to it or would if given the opportunity.