Little Things

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Jamie Brewer

Another little bit of furry art...Imagine a beautiful summer's day, the pond as smooth as glass, a dibbun and a little toy boat..etc, etc, etc ^_^

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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Siren Song (2)

Siren Song revisited. As an exercise, we had to take one of our peices and rewrite it from a different point of view. This is the siren's turn to tell the story.

Tears that Redeem: Chapter 1

Second Draft of this...while I had all but stoped work on Tears to complete a story for a contest, I decided that the main charicter needed more background development behind her so I took the previously semi-pointless discussion between her and her mother and turned it into a worldbuilding sequence. Please make sure you've read the prologue before continuing.

Angel Stars

This one has generated some confusion when I've shown it to other people for comments...the continuaty this belongs to is that of a long, complicated, ongoing role-play plot that I've worked on with a coupple friends online. To sum up the little part of it relating to the story...Rosella is a mortal mage with some key connections by blood to the imortal Daggerswift...I havent found much time to rework it to better stand alone outside the Daggerswift universe, so take it as it is ^^ I was lucky enough to get to show this to a profesional writer who was visiting at school and get some feedback/critique on it...the overall oppnion was a rather positive one. ^^

Only a Name

Ok, this one is a coupple years old, and the only furry peice that you're likely to see up here...I was lucky enough to get this published in a literary journal of stuff from students around the area, and since only a few got selected out of at least a few hundred, I'd say that was a nice acomplishment ^.^

Tears that Redeem: Chapter 4

Finaly, done with the primary exposition and into the main plot! It's not like nothing was happening, but the pace picks up right in this chapter. Critique welcome as always.

Tears That Redeem: Chapter 3

Next installment as promised...although delayed because of the Elfwood shutdown. Got 4 done during the interval though as well, that's being uploaded with this. First draft, critique appricieated as usual.

Siren Song (1)

I'm glad to have been honored with the chance to attend the New York State Summer Young Writers Institute last summer on Silver Bay in Lake George, NY. For anyone stoping by who was there and remembers, three cheers for *fanfare* FICTION MAN! *giggle*, AKA Bill Patric, along with Poetry Woman (Kathy Aguero) and Realisim Boy (Richard Hoffman). Siren Song is one of the products of my week there, a twist on the old greek myth (think the Sirens from _The Oddesy_)

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