Brian Cooke

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my corner of the 'Wood. I learn something new about this every day, and I hope that it shows as improvements in my art as time goes on. I do much more fantasy than sci-fi work, and much more black and white work than color. I also take commissions, so feel free to e-mail me and we can discuss it. Also feel free to comment, good or bad. Constructive criticism can be a great boon to the growth of an artist.*3-31-08:  Some pieces have been removed from the gallery, pieces that have existed in the gallery for several years, but now apparently are no longer acceptable under the "new" rules.  There are several more which have been threatened with removal, but I am currently trying to find out what means exist here for applying/lobbying to change/make addendums to the rules.  As of yet, I have not heard back from the ruling body as to how to go about this.*