The Witch And The Dragon

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Brian Wong

Been a while since I've done a true 'sensual nude' piece. Sensuality and art have gone together since cave paintings - many of which depicted 'details' leaving little to be imagined... It is a part of human nature. Sensuality and fantasy art have been linked together since the beginning of the genre, and through its rise to popularity with artists like Frazetta and pulp novel covers for series such as Conan. If you're not keen on sensual fantasy, keep in mind that this image was tagged to the mature section and you chose to come and see it after enabling that filter. :p   This image got in my head a while back, and only recently have I had the tools to produce it. -- A lot of heavy work in custom character building, joint setups, morphs, magnets, lighting, etc went into this one.   NOTE about the lighting: I try to always render in a volumetric atmosphere with 'Global Ambience' (note that you cannot do certain effects with these settings, such as fog gathered around the floor in the foreground - as far as I presently know). As for lights in the scene, I only use volumetric when I want the beam of the light visible. It makes the elements within the beam a little 'cloudy' and that can either ruin or enhance them. In this case it let me light up the witch, and have the dragon seem to be 'breathing light' on her, as if about to do or already doing something. Tweaking with lens flare can also have some very interesting secondary effects. :) I also made heavy use of volumetric lights in my 'Villina' image, but I placed the beginning of the light cones in that just a tad too low. This time around I learned to fix that a little by putting a point light at the same spot as the start of the spot light, and then putting a sphere around that set to the 'halo' texture in Vue's special effects textures - which is a mostly transparent texture that I then upped the ambient setting on the create a glow. That same effect minus the spot light is used with two light placed near the witch's hands, creating the red glows. All told there are 17 lights in this scene if I recall right. Some of them are placed over each other but with different settings. The pose of the witch was an "accident" when I was trying to get a sexy forward 'tossing off a magic spell' look. Upon seeing it I thought 'that looks so much better than the idea I had started with - it looked, to me at the time, like she was both rearing back and getting ready to let lose'. Quite often the unintended something that comes about while trying to reach a different goal is better than the original planned goal.   If you like this, please check out my other work, you won't be disapointed.

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