Brian Husted

I'm a dreamer and an artist, dragons and other strange creations have always inhabited my imagination for as long as I can remember.In 1994 (gawd was it that long ago?) I got a B.F.A. in fine arts from Washington State University.  I currenty work fulltime for the Washington State Department of Printing as well as doing freelance illustration.As you can see by my bio photo, when I'm not at home drawing or on the computer, I like to ride.  My bike is a 2002 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom.The images in my gallery reflect artwork that I have done over several years. As you can see I love to experiment, learning different art techniques and mediums. There is a bit of everything in my gallery, Scratch board, Oil paint, Water Colors, Pen & Ink, Elk hide (the drum), and I'm sure there will be more to come. Lately I've been doing a lot of work with my graphics tablet using Photoshop, Painter, and Paint Shop Pro, but (as with all things) I have a lot to learn. I'm the Project Manager for Elfwood's first collaborative art club Bifrost Fantasy. In addition to welcoming new members, one of my duties is creating the tours for the projects when they close. Several times a year we vote on a project theme and each member will create their own artwork or story based on that theme. It's very inspiring to be a part of and a lot of fun to see all the different takes on the same project. If you have any questions feel free to email me, or better yet, go check out thier website. The Bifrost Homepage - has everything you'd ever want to know about Bifrost including an archive of past projects. The Bifrost Yahoo!Groups site - a great place to interact with other Bifrost artists and writers. Bifrost DevianArt site - the home of Bifrost on Wahoo!! Bifrost has a BRAND NEW forum (and I'm the administrator)!! What are you waiting for? Go there now!!I'm finally getting around to updating my gallery and finishing the dragon letters series (over 9 years and counting).  At this point I"m just hoping to be done with the little guys by the time of their ten year anniversary (2008).While I enjoy sharing my work with others, please repect my copyright and do not use any of my images without permission.*UPDATE* After a long absence I am finally updating my Elfwood page.  Unfortunatly I have been forced to remove most of my popular Dragon Letters series.  While I have happily contributed them to be used by non-profit groups for specific projects (T-Shirts, etc.).  I have recently recieved disturbing emails from individuals complaining that I need to finish the series soon because they are "using them".I have gotten closer to having the series complete and someday hope to publish them as a book, but the copyright is mine.  THEY ARE NOT TO BE USED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.  I loved sharing them with everyone but thanks to a few people who do not understand the concept of copyright I can no longer risk getting my hard work stolen.