Brian Larson

Yo, what's up? I'm Brian Larson and I'm a senior in high school. I've been an artist most of my life... ever since I picked up a crayon I've been drawing weird things, although when I got introduced to **ACTUAL** anime in my frosh year (EVA!), I got hooked on that style and that's basically all I do now. I really want to become a computer specialist/Japanese speaker/manga-anime artist/video-game concept-art maker. I want to go to a primarily game art and design school, like DigiPen in Redmond, WA, or one of the national 'Art Institute' colleges. Dunno yet, really, and I *should* get cracking on it. Yeah.... so, um.... I mainly use a mechanical pencil and/or Adobe Photoshop to make my art, although I sometimes use Gel pens for others. I really want to move to Japan (preferably Tokyo) and join one of the drawing groups there (or at least join a company here in the US and translate them). CLAMP is one of my favs! Hehe, what's interesting is that some of my best art is on the regular college ruled lined paper. Really freaky. Um, anyhow... hey, got any comments, tips, criticism, post em below, but please... no flames. Only constructive stuff, like, 'try tucking the arm a bit higher' or something like that.