Brian Saul

About time for a new bio. At least, a little new, I've always been terrible at these things. So bare with me, and if you just stumble upon my little page here, please don't use this bio against me in judging my writing talent. For starters, I lack any semblance of art skill, but I've been told I can write well, so here I am.. Lesse here...I'm 30, and a fairly avid roleplayer, which in the end tends to influence my writing quite a bit. ...That and the friends I RP with bugging me to write, it's because of one of them I'm here. Been writing off and on for quite some years now, more off than on actually until I started the Elryn story you see below.  My Smallest of Gifts is one I started a few years afterwards, as a curiosity. My works here are still ongoing stories that have been, and will likely continue to be, updated regularly and past versions of them changed on occasion as I iron out the storyline and my writing style.  The folks here in the woods have been a great help to me! I look forward to comments, and just honest feedback in general... Don't be afraid to nitpick about my work, be it grammar, story bits in general, or what have you. I can't fix something if I don't know it's broken after all. :)On the same note, it's hard to keep doing something right when I'm not positive I'm doing it right in the first place. Just be honest in what you say, be it as little or as much as you want to say, and I'll be content. So, the stories, and some minor details are in order I suppose.Elryn is the prinary story I'm working on.  It has seen some heavy editing over the years, a lot of it with the help of folks here, all of which I am extremely thankful for.   The story wouldn't be nearly as structured and readable if it wasn't for their patience with me.I can't actually tell you any details about it, mind you, as that would spoil so many of the fun surprises.  In short, it's fantasy, my own little world, incredibly magical.  Main character is, well, Elryn, a little one armed mage. Smallest of Gifts is one I started a few years after, to keep from burning out on Elryn.  I really like the world/universe/etc I have's just terribly hard to explain it all.  If you want a brief history of the universe, go read the prologue...but keep in mind, the prologue is really only history, it doesn't have any immediate baring upon the story itself. Erzivia....I think I keep her story around for nostalgia.  It's oooold...pretty much the first major thing I ever really wrote, so I think its age is going on...oh, gotta be 16-17 years now.One of these days, I think I'd like to do something else with it...but I honestly don't know what.  I rewrite perhaps, but the details behind it are so fuzzy to me anymore.  So...I recommend maybe giving it a look after everything else, see how I've improved, and really, I do like the idea for it. Updates. Submitted 6/11/11 Yes, you see right, an update! new chapters, yet.  I'm working with a friend on getting one for Eryk out, since most of what I've been doing is Elryn.  I HAVE made progress, have a chapter or two sitting on my HD...but I want one of him inbetween, so we don't have like 3 chapters of Elryn, 1 of Eryk, and so on down the line.So what did I update?  Well, everything Elryn related.The first thing, and most noticable, is that while Eryk's parts are still there, I'm removed all his first peson bits.   Over time, they just got increasingly harder and harder for me to instead, they're all simply 3rd person now.  Elryn's half is still, of course, in 1st person.I've also played with the order of things a lot, got rid a lot of the overlapping.  The parts jump between Eryk and Elryn a bit more in some chapters (think 4 is the most noticeable, and a bit more in 1), but for starters, I try to make the transitions immediately tell whose view point you're looking at, so as not to confuse the reader.Other than that, I've edited, tweaked, and played with just about everything else.  I've done a TON of rephrasing of parts I wasn't sure of, clarified a lot of things through dialogue and such, and tried a little to make the over arching storyline a wheeee bit less vague.  Since it's occured to me there are a lot of things I can throw in that while will make no sense to the characters, should make a lot more sense to the reader. I'm still terribly behind on my comments unfortunately...and even further behind on my reading, so hope all you folks who I've promised a read sooner or later can forgive me. ^^ But, yay, still alive...and an actual update!

Smallest of Gifts - Ch 3

Not much to say here, except whoo, chapter 3!  Again, more details about world in general, and to some extent, what's going on.As usual, comments are much appreciated.

Smallest of Gifts - Ch 2

Chapter 2 at long last!Don't have much to say...more development, more explanation of whats going on, and the universe I've thrust you all into.

Elryn: Chapter 6

All in all, after much fiddling, I find I'm reasonably happy with this chapter.  I didn't like it at first, and never could figure out why...but I've grown to enjoy it.  I've also played with it a lot, and think managed to work out most of the little things that bothered me.Let me just say though, I love Violet.  She is a blast to write.

Elryn: Chapter 2

Chapter two!  Not much to say here, except, enjoy! :)

Smallest of Gifts - Prologue

looong ago lost in an elfwood crash, I'm 'finally' getting around to putting it back online. ^^ ...not quite sure what prompted me to write this, honestly. Just kinda hit me in a rush of inspiration...I usually don't do prologues, but it just seemed right at the time to give the reader some insight into the world my Smallest of Gifts takes place in. Tis important to note too, that this is just a brief history of sorts, and doesn't directly impact the story.  Just shows what came before the present story, and a bit about the universe...just a bit.Anyways...enjoy! ^^

Elryn: Chapter 1

Spurred on by a good friend of mine, this was started many a year ago. What was planned as just a short story has since turned into a substantially bigger project than I ever intended.  For that I am glad, because I thoroughly enjoy writing this.Tis a tale involving plenty of magic, wielded in the capable hand of Elryn, my little one armed mage girl.Hope you enjoy it. :)

Erzivia: Part 1/2

This is basicly the first real story I've ever written.  It's about, oh, 16 years old now, give or take.  It's also unfortunetly as yet unfinished. It originally started out as a bio for a character I was roleplaying. Gradually my imagination got the best of me and it turned into something much bigger. It's age shows, severely, and unfortunately I'm pretty sure I'll never actually get around to giving it the rewrite it deserves.So why leave it up?  Nostaliga maybe...not entirely sure.  Perhaps as a way of remembering how much my writings grown over the years.

Elryn: Chapter 5

There's so much I want to say, and so many things about this chapter that I love...but I can't tell you.  That would spoil the surprises.Hope you like this one as much as I.

Elryn: Chapter 4

 Rather heavily modified from its previous form, primarily with the scene shifts to improve overall flowErm...not much to say, tis a bit shorter then the last two, but sets up a few interesting things into motion.

Elryn: Chapter 7

As with chapter 4, a lot of Stuff happens here that has lasting impacts, so I can't actually tell you about any of it.  It's a huge change in the slowness of the previous chapter though.

The Smallest of Gifts

Because we all need to be reminded that even the tiniest of things can have the biggest of impacts on us.A little story that came to me one night, taking place in a strange universe. Hopefully an intriguing, emotional little tale in the eyes of those who read it. :)

Elryn: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 in all its glory. Tis a bit longer then chapter 2, but that should hopefuly not matter.More plotting, more things gradually unfolding... Enjoy.

Erzivia: Part 2/2

The continuation of the first half. This chapter is finished, but unfortunetly the story itself ends here.

Elryn: Chapter 9

Again, a loooong wait... I've had this done for a while, honestly, just never had the chance to put it online. Buuut....after long last, it's finally here. Sorry to all those who actually like Eryk, this ones all Elryn. ^^ Anyways, on with the show!I only request, as usual, you be brutally honest in your opinions. Theres a lot in this chapter I'm not sure about, and I want to know what everyone thinks of it. Don't worry about my feelings, crush them if you have to. :P

Elryn: Chapter 8

I'll admit, this wound up a lot longer then I initially intended...I think mostly because there is a lot of information to get out to the reader.  All I'm pleased with how it came out. Tis a fair bit more Eryk in this one then Elryn, but I think that was sorta necessary.Random bit of trivia - up until this chapter, all Eryk's parts had previously been written in 1st person.  Did away with em though, got too confusing with Elryn's parts too, and for a variety of other reasons.