Hello visitor, and welcome to my ElfWood gallery :)It has been a very, very long time since the last time I was active on Elfwood, to be precise, my last update here was in March 2006, when I had already been neglecting my gallery for quite a while. It's good to be back, and I hope I'll be able to update my gallery on a more regular basis, but if that's not enough, you can always visit my DeviantART gallery, which you can find here and my seperate poetry gallery here. I'll just write a little bio, but if you want to know more, you're free to ask me! *nod* And don't forget you can always contact me on the e-mail adres provided in the little menu on the right of this page. I'm Inge van den Broek (as you could have guessed) and I'm an 18-year old girl from the Netherlands (Therefor I'm also a member of the DutchElfWood group, if you're Dutch, we'd love you to join us, you can do that here We chat a bit, visit each others ElfWood galleries, give tips and organise meetings in the Netherlands :)).Something more about me? Well my nickname is Inora, a name that has a long story and I won't bother you with it :P My hobbies are -of course- drawing and art, I write as well (especially poetry)and well that pretty much means I read a lot too ;) I listen (an extreme lot :D) to music, I adore Metal, but also listen to Rock, Alternative and some other random music :) Yesh I wear black and a pentagram, no I am not satanic, nor would I call myself a (real) "Goth".Anyways, to skip the mindless ranting about prejudices etc, I'd like to continue with my little, probably very boring bio. I still attend secundairy school, to be precise VWO and I currently am in my final year, which means I'll be a very busy girl, due to my exams. Some other interests of mine are (in random order); English (perhaps I even prefere this language :)) manga/anime, Anne Rice, Terry Pratchett, tarot, dreaming, concerts, friends, MSN, books, movies (though I barely know any ;), internet (ElfWood as well as DeviantART), photomanipulating. My favourite styles of art are fantasy, horror, dark, macabre and emotional, but I appreciate most art!I'll be sure to update my bio when I know more to tell you :) People I got to know live in these woods:Julia Anna RillNelleke PietersJeroen SchmidtRaoul Meuldijk(Please tell me if I forgot you :P)