Noctural Rites

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Inge van den Broek

Update: 6 March 2006A picture I tried to upload before, but somehow this was rejected because it wasn;t fantasy/horror enough.I'm not blaming anyone for this, I'll probably haven't made clear enough the figure in the middle of this scenery *points* is a vampire performing some kind of ancient ritual. Yes that chalice contains blood.AnywaysThe picture I have been working on for three days =) It's finished!! =DAnyways, like I said before, I was so inspirationless at the time, but I wanted to draw, so I asked Waldheri what I should draw, and he came up with this ^^There is about a month between the sketches and the final piece ^^; Media: A3 paper, lots o' pencils (mostly hb but I think I used h and b2 too), blood, sweat and tears ^^Because I was asked what the runes stand for, i will try to explain it here ^^I kinda randomly choose some runes, but I guess they still have a meaning and someone wants to know it ;)The book about runes I have is in Dutch, so the translations might be crappy, also i choose some meanings of the runes, becuae, well, to be honest I'm way too lazy to type and translate everything down ^^; (and I still have to do some homewekr too:P)ok, from left to right, from above going down, you have:Othila: homeland, ancestorial possession, heritage.Mannaz: the self, relative, friendship, spiritual healer, shaman.The bindingrune for inspiration(a bindingrune are 2 or more connected runes/runes that are put together that form "a powerful magical seal")Lagus: journey over water, fluid, imagination, intuition, artistic cretivity, journey of the soul.Dagaz: day, the begin and the end, safety, certainty, dramatical change.Ingwaz: potention, goal, intense creative activity.Algiz: protection, sanctuary, trust, prayer, friendship, mystical communication with the divine, guardian angel.The bindingrune for perseverance (a bindingrune are 2 or more connected runes/runes that are put together that form "a powerful magical seal")Teiwaz: victory, honor, justice, selfsacrifice, magical balance..::THIS PICTURE IS ALSO TO BE VIEWED IN MY DEVIANTART GALLERY, CLICK HERE TO VIEW A BIGGER VERSION::.

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