What have I done? II

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Inge van den Broek

Well, there's a long story behind this picture, but I'll keep it 'short':) The girl is a vampire, the guy in her arms, the human she fell in love with. The guy likes her too ( a lot, but he doesn’t know she is a vamp). Because of him, she doesn’t want to drink blood anymore, although she only needs a few drops. This goes on for a while, and she gets hungrier and more hungrier. Then…he cuts himself in his hand. She sees, smells and tastes the blood. She loses controle, and drinks his blood. When she realizes what she has done, it’s too late. The only two things she can do are making him like her, or to let him die. She knows he would never want to be a vampire, although he would not have to kill anyone to stay ‘alive’. He dies… She is broken… I guess that’s it, this is one of my stories. She is one of the “new”, a vampire kind I am writing a storie about, but I don’t think she’ll be in it, maybe later. I haven’t finished it yet, so… maybe… >.^ This picture is a newer version of “What have I done? I”, also found in my gal. I drew this on the same day, that I drew that one... My uncle told me i have a crazy mind... maybe... ;t

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Category Horror

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F O R S A K E N (D i v i n i t y D e s t r o y e d) Prologue. Dawn Of Humanity Comment: Yesh, a complete new story I've been working on this for a while now and finally I'm submitting it. I really hope you like it! Some of you might recognize the title of this story, and that's probably because I didn't think of it myself. Actually, I kinda lent it from Divinity Destroyed, a progressive metal band who are also the creators of the wonderful song Forsaken, upon which the complete story is based. I really liked the lyrics I suppose, and therefor I decided in a flash of inspiration I would write a story of it . As for the writing itself, don't be too hard on me, as English is not my first language (though I probably love it more than Dutch) and thus there will be flaws in my spelling and grammar. Also I'm not that talented in writing, especially not prose - so bear with me I'm in the middle of writing the first actual chapter, though I don't really like what I've got until now. But I'm sure this won't be the last you'll hear (well, read) about/of this! Enjoy (Oct 20 2006)

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this is a funny one, written during the summervacation I'm correct... for a friend who liked a guitar playing guy in a story I wrote.. he actually wasn't very important (or, actually, he appeared in only half a page =P) for the story, but because she asked me to, I wrote some lyrics ;) (actually she asked for a story, but I was too lazy =P) The guy I was talking about just a few lines ago, is the leadsinger and guitarist in a band, he sings about the vampire that drank from him but let him live.. he should not remember what has occured, but he does and he wants to see her again... will she ever contact him? I'm not sure, i only have the feeling the vampire might be Inora (though this is not part of the story)

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