Joanna Bromley

I am 33years old, originally from England. I was born and brought up in Munich, the Capital of Bavaria,in Germany. This is where I visited the Munich International School(M.I.S.) and was introduced to the world's many cultures...hence my interest in all myth and legends. After 11 years of International education and upbringing I progressed to Art college at 'The Surrey Institute of Art and Design' in Farnham, Surrey, England, ready to explore and experience the world my parents grew up into(Farnham).  I have always been very creative and loved hearing about magical places, hanging onto my mother's every word while she read bed-time stories, gazing up at the poster's of Pre-Raphaelites maiden's hanging over my bunk bed. Or quickly sketching little pictures for small children to colour in so I could carry on reading my fantasy novel in piece and quiet on the school bus...! Drawing cards for family and friends instead of buying them...It wasn't until I came to live in England that I found I could create my own magical worlds and places, the ones where I would love to have jumped/walked into when I was a child( and still would!), instead of just reading about them. I suppose all this, added together, is where my hope of becoming a children's book illustrator and greeting card designer, freelance artist etc. came to fruition. I am working towards this goal and hope to get there in the near future. If you would like prints of my work, please go here:'LIKE' and follow me and my work on  Originals and Giclee prints in my Etsy Shop! : Zazzle Store for Greeting Cards , T.Shirts and other merchandise for sale! Go*I am also available for commissions. If you are interested please contact me! Don't be shy to ask me questions!..:DThanks for visiting! I like Reading, drawing, daydreaming, traveling, watching movies Favourite movies The Legend, Willow, Narnia, Harry Potter, LOTR, Escaflowne, Jane Eyre, Stardust, Favourite books All of Charles De Lint's books, Fairy Tale by Raymond E. Feist, Robin MacKinley, Eragon & The Eldest, S. Paolini, etc. etc. Favourite music New Age, Pop