Monica Jones

Hi there... just thought i should put some words down incase any of you out there are feeling bored enough to want to know a little bit about my pathetic existance... come on, humour me... please?? ...ok *grin* im 21, very Virgo and well, thats me in the corner. I live in Perth, Western Australia and im currently doing a Graphic Design course. My first love is my art, i end up spending most of my time on it- i think ive almost been drawing for most of my life. I loved nothing more than to draw when I was a young-un and I've managed to keep that near me all through my life, as time progressed, my influences graduated from Mr Men and exquisitely blank house walls and I moved on to, first horses, then onto fantasy (strangely co-inciding with the exact moment I put down David Eddings' 'The Diamond Throne' at the impressionable age of 13) I occaisionly dabble in the literary arts, though unfortunately I will be counted as equally artistically talented as the mushed fly stuck to the bottom of Vallejo's shoe way before i'll ever get that kind of honor for my writing... *shrugs, well, you cant be good at EVERYTHING can you.... now if i can only find something *L*... (you just count your lucky stars 90% of my stories stay firmly in my head, to be neatly relegated to that elusive 'someday').......... UPDATE: I've finally put up my HOMEPAGE! If you'd like to see more of my art, go check my galleries section out! ...OR... if you'd like to COMMISSION me (very subtle, I know :) you'll find all the details there too.